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We offer you several premium services that specialize in connecting you with excellent heart medicine & doctors in Germany.

Heart Link Africa

Bridging Continents, Healing Hearts

Heart Link is an African-German patients agency for heart medicine. At Heart Link Africa, we understand that heart issues are a serious health concern and require fast and highly skilled medical care. We are proud to facilitate access to leading German heart specialists and first-class hospitals for African patients with heart disease. Our organisation has broad contacts with highly reputable medical institutions in Germany that are specialised in the treatment of heart disease.


Access to Premier German Health care

Our established partnerships with leading German hospitals give you access to medical facilities and experts that would otherwise be difficult to reach.


Support for Your Medical Journey

We support you at every stage of your medical journey, ensuring that your needs are covered, so you can experience peace of mind throughout the process.


Trustworthy Care to Your Needs

With a solid reputation for professional service and customer well-being, we prioritize your trust and strive to earn and maintain it through dedicated care.


Premium hospital arrangement

We connect you with the best hospitals in Germany, known for their medical excellence and state-of-the-art technology. Whether you need complex heart surgery, specialised treatment or a medical heart consultation, we make sure you get access to the right facilities and doctors.

Personal doctor referral

Our team of experts will ensure that you are connected with highly qualified German doctors who specialize in your specific heart concern. From diagnosis to treatment, we work closely with you and your medical care team to ensure seamless and effective medical care.



Supporting Services

We offer comprehensive support in organizing your medical journey. This includes assistance with making appointments, arranging transport and accompanying you to appointments. We take care of the details so that you can fully concentrate on your health.

Outstanding Cardiac Care

With a dedication to outstanding cardiac care, our German partners offer high-quality services for your heart health. With experienced doctors and advanced treatments, we deliver expert care with confidence.


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